About us

MAB has been running its two business models since 2001, and during the 5 years of the recession MAB were the strongest performing network both in terms of growth and profitability.


Our credit rating and financial strength compares extremely favourably to the best in our sector, and MAB has built a reputation for innovation, quality and supporting our AR’s to increase profitability, whether that be through expansion, diversification, or maximising efficiency.


MAB has attracted many of the UK’s leading and most ambitious intermediary firms that see MAB as a strategic partner that delivers tangible value, and when we build relationships they last. Since the company’s inception only 3 AR firms have left MAB to join another network, and that is a record we are very proud of.


Unlike traditional network models MAB have also built the UK’s most recognised mortgage brand, and our experience in building such a successful brand provides tremendous value to both our franchise and network AR partners.