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Great relationships with developers are at the heart of a successful new homes operation and we, along with our ARs, work hard at nurturing these.


With broker panels being rationalised to ensure  that high levels of service are achieved in each and every sale, our brokers adhere to and work to exceed the services required from developers at local level , strengthened by the NewHomes Network delivering the new and improved systems, products, and initiatives this sector requires at a national level.


We have all 3 key sectors of new homes Affordable, Self/custom-build and outright sales, represented at the highest level within the network we have the capability of providing an all-encompassing offering to our developer partners. 


We along with our brokers, have relationships with many new homes developers across the UK, from large corporates through to small independent developers and can provide a solution to meet everything in between.


Our brokers across all these segments provide excellent service at local level supported by the scale, knowledge and expertise of a specialist national distributor, bringing together a compelling and unrivalled new homes proposition.


We would love to discuss how we can help to strengthen your business in partnership with the NewHomes Network.


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