The NewHomes Network uses the highly successful L&G Mortgage Club, which is by far the strongest mortgage club of all networks, with literally 100’s more exclusives on their AR panel than any other network, and of course they also pay on exchange, which in new build is hugely beneficial.


L&G have clearly stated their commitment to the new build sector, and will be continuing with their programme of builder investment and utilising their significant land banks for development. 


Within the network we work closely with lenders, to encourage new entrants to new build as well as improving the products and ranges available within existing lender partners.


In fact, we have recently launched a NewHomes Network exclusive with Virgin Money, who have entered Help to Buy, exclusively through our new homes brokers.


This allows Virgin to distribute their funds through a good quality team of advisors, who understand new homes, and through a network can provide them with the quality MI they require that will help them to plan their next stage of involvement in new homes.


Lenders are increasingly using quality measures to make decisions on how they distribute funds, so ensuring that we are closely aligned with their agenda on quality, ensures that we are in the driving seat in securing developer-driven exclusives. 


With increasing motivation and support from government, lenders and developers are supporting new and innovative methods of purchasing new homes, which is great news for buyers. 


With business quality top of the agenda with lenders, this approach has been received extremely well, and our quality standards have been rated amongst the very best in the industry. 


We take our responsibilities very seriously in providing a robust framework for our brokers to work within, that supports the lenders goals of improving quality of submissions, limiting the risk in new homes and ultimately moving new homes lending onto a level platform with second hand. 


Due to the our specific compliance requirements in place for all new homes brokers within network, the volume and quality of the funding distributed by our brokers provides lenders with reassurance that these brokers are “new homes specialists” in the true sense. 


We would love to discuss how we can help to strengthen your business in partnership with the NewHomes Network.


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